Summer Pop Biker Short

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Step into the vibrant energy of island life with our Summer Pop Biker Shorts. Exclusively designed for the dynamic woman, these biker shorts capture the vivacious spirit of Hawaiian summers. Crafted with state-of-the-art fabric technology, they offer a blend of style and performance that's second to none. Their snug fit gracefully embraces your curves, ensuring you move with confidence, while the unique length provides optimum coverage for all your athletic pursuits. Whether you're cycling along coastal trails, engaging in a sunrise yoga session, or dancing to the beats of island drums, these shorts promise unmatched comfort and flexibility. Boasting moisture-wicking properties and a breathable design, they ensure you remain cool and dry, even in tropical heat. Dive into a world of tropical fitness and let the Summer Pop Biker Shorts redefine your athletic style. Grab yours now before they're gone! #IslandVibes #TropicalPerformance #HawaiiActiveStyle
  •  3'' inseam and won't roll up, back scrunch seam detail to enhance curves. Form-fitting with a 3-tiered waistband, differs from traditional waistband, which can fit your waist better.
  • The subtle, thick fabric ensures comfort and ease with your every movement.
  •  Squat-proof and lightweight.
  • True to Size, if you are in between sizes, we recommend you size up.
Size: S
Color: Tan